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Forms: Unbound text box to filter drop-down menu?

geoffreyhalegeoffreyhale Member Posts: 2
I would like my form to contain an unbound text box "a" in which a user can type "x". The form will also contain a field "b" to be selected by drop-down menu. I would like this drop-down menu to only display entries that correspond to "x".

For example, a user may enter their last name in a text box on this form. The next field will have a drop-down menu of projects to choose from. I would like the drop-down menu to only show the projects that are associated with the entered last name. The table from which I get the drop-down menu entries already contains the necessary last name associations. I just need to know how to link the unbound text box ("last name") to filter the drop-down menu.

If this can't be done, I should at least be able to display the projects table on the form, and use the "last name" to filter the projects table. Or maybe this would be done with a query. In any case, I'd prefer that the "last name" filters a drop-down menu.

Thanks for your help!
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