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How to change the windows' size and position in WindowsCE 6.0


I create an app and in that one, whenever user touchs a button, it'll launch one specified app (such as: IE). But I want it (IE in this case) to appear at the right half of desktop, not full screen. Here's my code:

CreateProcess(..., path to IE file, ...);

//do something to get HWND of IE windows

MoveWindows(HWND of IE windows);

and even used:

SetWindowsPos(HWND of IE windows);

But it's been not successful.

It's not truth that WindowsCE doesn't support the change of position or size of a windows because when I create a app with specified size and specified position, it's ok.

So I don't know how to change size and position of a launched program in WindowsCE from my app. Can anyone tell me?

Any help will be appreciated and sorry for my English skill.

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