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help choosing a language

I use several Linux flavors and know bash and html. What I am looking for is a general purpose language. Something with a gentle learning curve would be preferred. I have read about python and perl, but the words they use to describe them don't really mean a lot to me. I would greatly appreciate it if you would suggest a language and describe what it can do or why it is good in terms I can understand. Thanks.


  • Josh CodeJosh Code Member Posts: 675
    Learn c.

    Lots of tutorials are available to help with the initial part of the learning curve.

    It works in every platform there are compilers for.

    It is a general purpose language with the power to do everything a scripting language like Python and Perl can do and much more.

    It is far more efficient, using less memory and far less processing resources/time to execute than scripting languages like Python and Perl.

    c is basically an ancestor to many modern programming languages which makes learning it a great first step to learning many other languages in popular use today.

  • philipk88philipk88 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, I will try it.
  • bragrbragr Member Posts: 5
    I would recommend c++, it will still teach you the c side of things, and still let you do system programing in linux, but you will also have the object oriented features to use, which I find to be helpful and easier to use for general purpose programming.
  • harryqharryq Member Posts: 3
    Like said before, look at C++ in the first place. It is a lot bigger than C in terms of keywords, libraries etc. But start learn the basics. Why? C is not much like its successors, such as (c++), java, c# etc. Its a different paradigm. Many things in system programming anyway is text-processing, which perl and python do really well. C++ makes text processing easier while still features "backward compabilty" to c.
  • Temo0DiazTemo0Diaz Member Posts: 1
    Try with Java

    it's multiplataform, it's easy and powerfull
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