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A java programmer with a modicum of experience, please!

seiraseira Member Posts: 3
There IS back-end pay involved, and if you check out our sites, you'll see we're completely serious!

What you'll be doing:
Essentially, coding. It is a very "system heavy" game that involves a great deal of mathematical calculations, so you do need to know what you are doing, and have a sort of speediness about it.

We can absolutely discuss payment with you.

Team structure:
We have a writer, several artists, a couple of systems designers, a graphic designer, really, we have everyone but you and are quite far into the project.


Please have a messenger service for easy contact. You can reach Seira through email at kinougames*gmail*com, and on AIM at keikaku douri.

Additional Info:
A lot of assets for this game have been completed, and we can absolutely send those to you for your perusing when you contact us. Lastly, we are 100% completely serious about completing this game. You must be as well. Thanks.
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