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Arrays project help

FrcRcnFrcRcn Member Posts: 1
I am a rookie to programming and definitely a newbie so please be a little easy on me and the mistakes I have in my code. This is sincerely my first programming endeavor. If at all possible, I don't just want a handout but to also teach me to understand the process.

This is the program requirement:
Write a program named LabGrader that prompts the user for the name of a input file that holds the lab grades for a course. Each line of the file contain 10 lab grades followed by the student's name. For example,

98 89 67 97 78 0 98 67 100 89 John Walters Anderson
89.50 John Walters Anderson
Your program will drop the lowest two grades for each student, calculate their average, and write the average (with 2 decimal places) and name for each student to an output file.
You will create a file containing the final lab grades using the same name but with an "grd" extension. For example, using the input file, PY206_001.lab, your program should create a file called PY206_001.grd which contains the final lab grades.

My code is attached. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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