pythonqt scriptint & orting to lower version

Dear Friends

I am facing some problems in deploying my application for lower version of qt.

Basically i want to generate scripts for my application and I have chosen pythonqt for this purpose. Pythonqt has the problem with lower version of Qt (Qt 4.5.2) and also with Higher version of Qt (Qt 4.7). So I needed to get another machine where I have installed Qt-4.6.3 with in-built python version 2.6. I am successfully able to generate my application exe and it is running.

But the requirement is that this exe should run on my original machine so I built the application with the static link of Qt4.6.3-static.

My original machine has python2.3 installed.

But I am not able run on original machine. Its giving 3 library linking problem. as below => not found => not found => not found

I have libpng12 installed in original system......I am keeping the libong14 from my new machine in a local lib folder and exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to/the/local/lib but still its not able to find the libpng14

similarly for libpython2.6 I am keeping the libpython2.6 from new machine into the local lib folder. but its not recognizing.

libEGL i dont even know.

Please give me some suggesstions what can be done.

Thanks sujan
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