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Configuration of Apache to work the php webpage on Intranet

newphpcodernewphpcoder Member Posts: 21
Good day!

I am used the ff: to up my webpage

Windows Server 2003 32 Bit
Xampp 1.7.1

My folder that consist of my php file was on the htdocs folder. When I run http:\localhostMYFOLDERindex.php
My webpage was appear or run. But I want to happen is the client will only input the url like this :

I dont know how can i do that,, because i'm not familiar with the apache.

I want that the other computer can access my webpage using intranet.

I tried to used virtual host like this:

Document Root "C:xampphtdocsMYFOLDERindex.php"
Server Name

When I run the http:\
the output is the webpage of xampp

I also create a DNS forward lookupzone but it did not work.

I hope somebody can help me.

Thank you
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