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Is it possible to use MS Access 2010 as my Web Database instead of SQL

LuminariumLuminarium Member Posts: 8
well ask the title says, i want to make a Web Database and flexibly connect it on my web pages (similar to MySQL).

Hope anyone here who could help me, thanks guys


  • miyliyevrmiyliyevr Member Posts: 1
    I think you are using PHP. I used access 2007 file as database. I'm working on Windows XP with XAMPP's apache server. Create your database file and try this :
    1. First enter to --> Control Panel > Administartive Tools > Data Sources(ODBC) > System DSN > Add.. > Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb,*.accdb) and show your access file. Give name to the connection.
    2. Then write in your .php file this code:
    $host= "Name_You_gave_to_connection";
    $user= "";
    $pass= "";
    $db=odbc_connect($host,$user,$pass); //connect to access file as database

    if (!$db) //In case if you didn't connect , you'll get an error message
    echo "Can't connect";

    $query = "SELECT * FROM table_name";
    $row = odbc_exec($db, $query);
    $row1 = odbc_result($row,1);
    $row2 = odbc_result($row,2);
    $row3 = odbc_result($row,3);
    echo $row1." ".$row2." ".$row3."<br>";
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