Need help with program language for a educational software idea

I am in the IT business as a network administrator and computer repair technician. Along the way, I have passed many certifications by Comptia, Novell, Cisco, etc. I am currently unemployed and on unemployment benefits, which sucks! I need a way to make money - but not having much money to start something is the hard part and this is where you guys can help me.

I am 39 years old, and I used to program in basic on the commodore 64 / 128 and the amiga WAY back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth..LOL.

I could write this program so easily in basic , but for apparent reasons...that won't work. I am on windows and I would like to write a certification program. I own a really cool domain name for a cert company. All I need is the program.

I have toyed with two ideas, either going the basic route which would be a fixed in place or sizeable window. 1st window - introduction /

Options: enter in user name to keep track of score / progress.

Break down the cert course questions in categories - or just do 1 big one and change the options of number of questiosn to give instead.

Multiple choice questions - always random answers (so the user doesn't get used to knowing that the answer for a question is b. mix that up).

That's it.

2nd idea is this:

Flash card program. 400-600 questions - random questions - program looks like a flash card - front side - question or statement - back side - answer.

Next flash card.

random order. Number of flash cards.

I would like to be able to edit the program once it's written, for updates to questions etc.

I would also wonder if creating the program and then having the program refer to the questions in some sort of database - where the database is editable and then I could recompile the program and republish for updates.

I originally wanted to do this for an Iphone since most certification software out there SUCKS big time for the price you pay - usually 100-200 questions - I want to aim for high amount of questions and decent price. But, since I don't own a mac - haven't been able to hackintosh sucessfully and I don't know objective c or java..i put that on the back burner for now...

When I studied for all of my exams (which I passed all of them) - I would buy several books or cds (atleast 5 per topic) just to get all the questions to be sure about passing the exam.

I want to give the user his bang for the buck. I have all the information on flash cards now - I literally have atleast a 1000 flashcards for over 6-8 certifications.

I know this program would be super easy to do - so if someone wants to do it, or point me in the right direction to find a program thats public domain that I can alter and modify to my liking and then compile and sell, so be it. If you want to write this for me and if it takes off, then I will cut you in on a percentage of the sales per application. So we both make money.

OR - I do own a copy of Visual Studio 2010 - and I have NO IDEA which language that I should program this IF I can't find someone to do this. I will buy a book and learn the hard way if I can't find someone.

So, ultimately, what language would be best to write this program? Visual C# ? Visual Basic? C++ .. I am a total noob and I don't mind learning, I have no idea where to look besides this forum and one other that I found..

But, any help would be appreciated and anyone who helps me will be rewarded :) I think this would be a great thing to do considering that I'm going to pound out the answers / questions in the range of 400-600 per topic myself and the buyer will get his money's worth. Who knows where this might lead! :)

If you want to write this for me , please contact me at .. Only serious people please. I need to get this started ASAP .. For some, this shouldn't take too long at all to write this.. :) While for me, I need to teach myself the language first..

Thank you for everything!


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