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XMPP/Jabber Client implementation


Im trying to implement a simple Jabber client app using C++.

I understand that connection, handshake and user login happens through XML message streams.

The code i have written is as follows :

1) open socket
iSocket = socket(AF_INET, iSocketType, 0);

2) connect to server hosted on same machine ie. localhost
if(connect(iSocket, (struct sockaddr*)&iSa, sizeof(iSa)) < 0)

3) server handshake
string str = "<?xml version='1.0'?> ";

int result = send(iSocket, str.c_str(), strlen(str.c_str()), 0);
if(result <= 0)
result = recv(iSocket, str2, strlen(str2), 0);
reply is :
<?xml version='1.0'?>t'>t

My doubt is after this, any XML stream Im sending doesnt receive a reply

I have tried different combinations.
References :

I even tried to extract the id received from reply in step 3 and constructed the stream. Tried instead of localhost.

Please help.
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