Seeking C++ programmers for Source engine (HL2) development team

The project is Source Media Arcade. It is currently a freely distributed Source engine (HL2) mod that has a public release version BETA 1. I made BETA 1 completely by myself, but had to cut out too many important features in order to release it on time. Below is information about the mod, a download link of the current version, and instructions on how to request to join the team.

I am now accepting applications to join the development team of Source Media Arcade. Donating your time to this project will be a rewarding experience and I'll do my best to make sure it's a time-efficient one as well.

We will be working on BETA 2 of the mod which will be focused on multiplayer and correcting design issues that were found in the first public beta release.

Source Media Arcade
Version BETA 1.0

ModDB Profile:

[link=]Watch BETA 1 Commercial video[/link]

[link=]Watch BETA 1 Proof-of-Concept Demonstration video[/link]

[link=]Read about BETA 1's development cycle[/link]

[link=]Read an overview of BETA 1's design[/link]

The gameplay of BETA 2 is illustrated in the following GMod comic:
([link=]Click HERE for full-sized versions[/link])

A general development overview for BETA 2 is given below:

If you are interested in investing your time and skills into this project, you are encouraged to go to [link=][/link] and click on the DEVELOPMENT tab for further instructions on how to apply.

There are a limited number of positions available on the team and only the best applicants will be selected to fill these positions. Thanks in advance to ALL who apply.

My personal website is [link=][/link]. I am 26 years old and first got into game design when I was 13 by making add-on missions for Star Wars: Dark Forces. I am currently a computer science college senior and have been developing my skills in various aspects of game design since I first got into it.
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