Newbie need some knowledge!!!

Hi there new to this php... new to programming in general, but i've been playing aound the last couple of hours.

My problem is that I am trying to save a bunch of numbers to an array, and then go through the array to find the data i need.

so it would be multidimensional, for example

first element has the properties

200, 1.5, 0.3

the second element would have

250, 2.75, 0.5

the third

300, 4, 0.7

and so on

350, 5.5, 0.9
400, 7.25, 1.2
450, 9, 1.6


basically come up with this: --

$rc_values = array(
array('200','1.5', '.3'),
array('250','2.75', '0.5'),
array('300','4', '0.7'),
array('350','5.5', '0.9'),

there are about 15 - 20 different values.

I want to search thru the array and retrieve related data??

say i want to find the 3rd value in the array containing the value 200

how would i retrieve the data from the other positions in the array, and how would i start to search for the value 200

please help, head is a little tired now :|


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