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Dropdown binding problem

ashokkumarkpmashokkumarkpm Member Posts: 1
hi friends,
Firstly happy New year...

I have been hiiting my head towards this prob for the past 2 hrs ..
My issue is i am trying to display my dropdownlist in my views (MVC Framework)
my viewmodel class contains the following:

public class two
List items = new List();
public List getItemsnew()
items.Add(new SelectListItem
Text = "one",
Value = "1"
items.Add(new SelectListItem
Text = "two",
Value = "2"
return items;
In my Controller i have the following

two two2 = new two();
List items1 = two2.getItemsnew();
SelectList newselectlist = new SelectList(items1);
ViewData["List1"] = newselectlist;

Error here is while running my application
my dropdown gets displayed but not with the specified values insted

I binds "System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem " in my dropdown!
for both the values...
I even tried to save the Application..
It saves "System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem " in mt Database...
I know its jus a minor error some where..
plz guide me..
thanks in Adv
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