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Porting existing Pascal games to Java/Javascript

Hi All,

Please read my profile as I have gone into heaps of details about my history and programming experience. It is about 4-5 paragraphs of description written today as my biography.

I have about a dozen game applications written for Windows XP in Delphi 5 and 7 Enterprise, a few years ago. I have ported some of these to Lazarus and Free Pascal. And they all are fully tested beta versions available for Public Domain download on (my personal homepage).

My goal is to port these games to Java or JavaScript for cross-platform games.

Is there a software tool to do these:

1) Convert my Delphi and Object Pascal to Java or JavaScript?

2) Convert my Delphi forms to Java or JavaScript?

The TwhForm2HTML is a Delphi form to HTML converter written in Delphi 3, suitable for (2).

I am currently corresponding with Ann Lynnworth, Owner HREF Tools Corp about TwhForm2HTML .... and it looks like I will be working on converting the source code from Delphi 3 to Lazarus for Linux and Windows.

I would like advice about tools for (1) converting Delphi to Java. I have limited JavaScript experience, mainly editing other people's JS code.

Also I would like advice about learning Java and best Java ide to use. I have viewed several of the Java ebooks linked here on this site, and I am yet to find time to read them.

Best Regards,
pew :-)
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