ProIV (w/ Java) vs. C#


I'm not sure if this is the best subforum for this query, but figured I'd throw it out there.

Our company has been developing a new core app. We attempted to use a firm from India first that used C# and ASP to make a web-based program, but it didn't meet our needs in the end. We started over and went with C# on a desktop platform using .Net 4.0 and Silverlight with Visual Studio. We've been at that for 6 months... but the developer had promised that it would only take him 3 months to do this. Having lost confidence in him to get the job done, we're looking at new options.

One is a developer using ProIV and Java as his preferred method, and he claims that he believes it would be quicker for him to start over in ProIV/Java than to have anyone finish the existing development in C#. I'm not very familiar with ProIV or Java, but this seems like a pretty wild claim.

I wanted to explore the forums out there and see if people's general experience with ProIV is that it is substantially faster to develop in than C#, or that C# is just that much slower than anything else.

I appreciate your opinions!
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