Programmers wanted

Hi all,

My name is Karl and I am a member of a project whos focus is on modifying and improving the MechCommander 2 source code (

Our project is called MechCommander 2 OnmiTech and would suit someone with an interest in the battletech universe or mechwarrior/commander franchises

THIS PROJECT IS PERSONAL AND THERE ARE NO PAID POSITIONS everyone is working for the love of mechcommander!

We would like to have some more coders to help achieve our goals, knowledge of C++ and other C based code is a must, XNA experience would be nice but above all else we would like motivate coders who want to work with code from a slightly aging but underutilized computer game

Our forum page is here

Our over all goals revolve around

1. Eliminating code/program complexity - We are wanting to eliminate compressed files and other file types in which data is stored for the game from the source code and replace them with folders with the data files directly accessible within. This is to make MechCommander 2 more easily modifiable

2. Improving and modernizing in-game graphics - We have some code needing to be integrated to the games main source code that will enable bump mapping and other graphical improvements, we are also wanting to increase the size of the texture files that the game is capable of handling from 128*128 to hopefully 512*512 or greater and finally we are interested in anything that will increase the number of polygons that the game is capable of displaying in a single screen

3. Multiplayer/In game video - The retail game had both but the source code has removed them, it is believed that at least the multiplayer code is present in the code but has been blocked out

Currently we have a team with 2-3 3d modelers and a single regular coder who is working on a new UI and game mechanics

Anyone interested?
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