applet cross domain problem

[b][b]Catagory : [/b]Web application
Deployed on :[/b] Microsoft Azure Platform
[b]Client Machine : [/b]windows 7 , IE8 , java 1.6 update 23
[b]Technology : [/b]

[b]Application Description :[/b]

1. Deployed on azure.
2. From our Domain Name(Using CName forwarding) application is redirected to Azure Deployment.
3. Web Application is secured using certificate for Domain Name.
3. On client side, applet is used for image editing.
4. Applet requests for web page, which brings byte array for image in response.

[b]Problem :[/b]

1. Applet internally resolves domain name and gets corresponding IP address.
2. After that it tries to access web page over HTTPS using IP address.
3. Now though the web page which is being requested by applet is in the same domain(i.e. in root folder of application),
applet takes it as "Cross domain access" and goes for dowloading Crossdomain.xml file(which is not there) to get cross domain access policies
for domain.
4. Thus applet is unable to access Web Pages in same domain.

[b]Note : with java 1.6 update 21 applet works fine.[/b]

I tried to solve problem by putting proper crossdomain.xml(to allow crossdomain access) in the application root.
[In case, if we put crossdomain.xml in application root
then applet works fine over http
But applet not works over https as it always tries to access crossdomain.xml using HTTP protocol]

[b]BUT main problem is

why does applet consider web page access as cross domain access, while web page is in the same domain?[/b]
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