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Coding Standards and Best Practices

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a large topic area when talking about coding standards and best practices. I would gratefully appreciate some constructive feedback on this area. To give you a heads-up, I'm designing and developing a team-based tool that aims to help with coding standards and best practices. It's currently called RuleX and can be found here

If you have a moment, it would be gratefully appreciated if I can get your opinion on these few questions?

1. If you could have a coding standards analysis tool, what areas of your code would you like to check specifically?

2. Is there a particular language that you wish you could analyse? For example, HTML, Javascript or C++.

3. What appeals to you the most in a coding standards / best practices tool - speed, presentation, features?

4. What do you find missing from your day to day coding?

Thank you for your help.

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