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image encryption

williamkempwilliamkemp Member Posts: 1
Secure Image Pro software will encrypt images and domain lock them to your web site. Secure [link=]Image encrypted[/link] images are supported in all web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and the most secure image protection available without using a plugin.

* Image watermarking option
* Slideshow and swap image for image or text effects (print protection)
* Configuration wizard for setting properties of individual images
* Image encryption for JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF images
* Domain locking of images to a designated web site
* Batch processing for 1,000's of images at a time
* Command line options for single file or batch conversions
* File names optimized for automatic image sizing
* Elevated runtime privileges for Java 1.6 and later
* Image encryption software is supported across all platforms
* Web page image viewer is supported across all web browsers

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