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Converting multiple rows in datagridview to excel

gabriel_15gabriel_15 Member Posts: 1
Hello Good Day,

Please help me guys on this one. I have a datagridview that contains data from another datagridview by way of drop function. The row consist of 5 columns: Name: Age: Gender: Address: Occupation

I can convert these rows into excel in a horizontal approach. My problem is this, I am having difficulty converting the rows in a single column only. i cannot configure the exact offset whatever function that was.

What i want is i want the rows as well as its corresponding column to match when its converted to excel.



Name Age Gender Address Occupation
Jay 15 M Ohio Employee

The format i want is:

Name: Jay
Age : 15
Gender: M
Address: Ohio
Occupation: Employee

Then every time you convert it there will be a single spacing below for another data for formality.

Please help me... Thanks and Godspeed.

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