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Choose which line "to readln" in text file

blackr1234blackr1234 Member Posts: 31
May I choose which line to read (readln) in a text file?

If yes, then what is the command?
If no, is there any way better than the following?

VAR i, which_line: integer;
text_file: text;

write('Line to read:'); readln(which_line);

assign(text_file, 'C: ext_file.txt');
FOR i:=1 TO which_line DO readln(text_file, line);


  • _Atex__Atex_ Member Posts: 163
    : May I choose which line to read (readln) in a text file?
    : If yes, then what is the command?
    : If no, is there any way better than the following?

    If you work with text files then you can only read line by line ( or value by value) so to skip to a particular line you must read through the whole file until you reach the line or value you're seeking. If you open a text file as an untyped one (i.e var f:file; ) then you can use [b]seek[/b] to jump to every position at any time and read from there. That's easy if you have an even line length text, but quite complicated for irregular line lengths...
  • blackr1234blackr1234 Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for the suggestion of using FILE variable and the SEEK function.
    I have a little problem with my another program.

    Let me explain.
    During name creation, if I enter <3 letters, program closes.
    No error in login process.

    [code]PROGRAM test_1;

    USES crt;

    VAR IOcode: integer;
    name, name2: STRING;
    error: boolean;
    save: text;


    assign(save, 'C:save.txt');

    {$I-} reset(save); {$I+}
    IOcode:= IOresult;
    IF IOcode=2 THEN writeln('Create') ELSE IF IOcode=0 THEN writeln('Login');

    write('Name: '); readln(name);

    IF length(name)>=3 THEN BEGIN

    error:= FALSE;

    IF IOcode=2 THEN BEGIN rewrite(save); writeln(save, name); writeln('Done!!!'); delay(500) END ELSE
    IF IOcode=0 THEN BEGIN readln(save, name2) END


    IF length(name)<3 THEN BEGIN error:= TRUE; writeln('>=3 letters please!'); delay(500) END;

    close(save); clrscr

    UNTIL (name=name2) AND NOT error


    Here's a screenshot (not exactly the same as the one above):

    I find out that the error code for File Not Open is 103.
    My informal solution is to change the IF condition from IOcode=2 to IOcode<>0, also place close(save); between {$I-} {$I-}.

    When I create a new name, the program flow is THE SAME as the following;
    assign(save, 'C:save.txt');
    {$I-} reset(save); {$I+} {IOresult=2}
    But I don't know why the exe gives me error code 103 instead of 2.
  • blackr1234blackr1234 Member Posts: 31
    Problem solved, I finally simplify the program and get the following conclusion:
    assign(save, 'C:save.txt');
    {$I-} reset(save); {$I+} writeln(IOresult);
    {$I-} close(save); {$I+} writeln(IOresult);


    2 stands for File not found. 103 stands for File not open.

    To conclude, I need not to close a text file if RESET() results in an error. Otherwise, another error occurs.
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