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Interesting project fell in my lap need some advise

Good day to the reader

I have this interesting new project, I have finished the basic design and datacapturing sections as well as reporting section, but as I'm not a real programmer or mathematition I'm stuck on a problem

Lets say there is school, with "X" number of children in, "Y" number of grades, "ZY" number of students per grade "S" number of subjects "T" number of teachers and classes each subject can be taken on "L" different levels.

Each "schoolweek" has "D" number of days in and each day has "P" number of periods.

Each subject has "N" number of times they must appear in the schoolweek.

Can someone just help me to understand the process that I need to follow.

I don't necessarily want code, infact I prefer advise above code in this regards.

I started with some arrays and matrixes, but it is really getting messy and by my calculations, the process will take quite a while to complete with the method I am following, therefore I'm looking to streamline it as I know that the way I'm doing it is not working the most efficient way.

I some one could just give me some tips and advise I would really appreciate it!! :)

PS excuse my spelling and english ;)
Darkwing Duck aka DWduck signing off :)


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