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help with a simple java problem

Hello, so, as the title says, I could use some help with a simple problem I've run into when trying to code a little game, to try and refresh my java skills (which clearly are lacking severely >.< ).

So, I made a game and I want to have the players take turns. I've decided to try and challenge myself and make the turns be decided on who can guess nearest to a random number from 0-100.

I have the random number generator and the user inputs, but I'm running into trouble figuring out how to find out who got nearest to the generated number.

I have the two variables, p1_guess and p2_guess, right now and the random number generator.

If anyone can offer any help or advice on this it would be most appreciated, and don't worry, it's not a homework assignment; I'm a sad person and do this for "fun"... XD

Thank you,


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