matlab problem

i have an assignment where we have to create a game. the user enters a certain launch angle of projectile and a desired speed. a graph has to then be plotted to show the path taken by the projectile.

i have written the code to do that and it works, i have included the ground level in the graph (y=50) and the target you must aim for.

however, the programme must consist of 5 levels. Each level has a differeent value of gravity ( 5 values of g found in the solar system). These levels or values of gravity have to be randomly generated and displayed in the command window.

I so far have a welcome message, then i ask the user to enter an angle and then velocity but it must show something like "level 1 - gravity is 9.81m/s^2)" and then "level 2 - gravity is xym/s^2". Can anyone tell me how to write the code to generate 5 levels which occur in random order as you progress through the game.



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