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Running a c++ game on web browser

I have a game in c++ using GLUT.
Now i want that game to run on Web browser.
Do i need to write the whole game again or few modifications will do the job?


  • CprogramCCprogramC Member Posts: 24
    try to inject your c code into flash
  • gameon786gameon786 Member Posts: 2
    actually its a chess u mean i need to build the game again in flash to be able to play on web browser.
    since i have no experience writing flash games,is it possible to write chess game in flash or do i need to code in some other language?
  • CprogramCCprogramC Member Posts: 24
    there must be a command in flash to use c commands directly or call compiled .exe or you can use command line functions in your c program to open browser. try
    gwbasic 10 CLS
    qbasic A$=INKEY$
    fortran printf("hello word");
    labview |_|--->|_|-|-|_|----->o
    c if(A=='q') {
    cobol MOVE "hello world" TO A
    c++ }
    algol END
    pascal .
  • etkietki Member Posts: 5
    make it a cgi file

    if you are on linux here's a library you can use

    if you are on windows here's a little tutorial:

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