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Need my accumulator to work outside form iterations

teahouteahou Member Posts: 2
[size=3]Hi there. I am learning VB6 and am trying to make a 'rock, paper' scissors' game. I have the game working fine, but I wanted to add a score tracker to it, using an accumulator. The accumulator works for one game, and the score is displayed in the label.text control, but when a new game is played the score does not accumulate. Also, if there is a tie, the scores both reset to 0. The homework assignment only covers making the game, which is done. i want the score tracker for extra credit. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the code:

Public Class frmRockPaperScissors
'Class level variables
Dim intSelection As Integer 'Computers selection
Dim strArray() = {"Rock", "Paper", "Scissors"} 'Array

Private Sub btnFight_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnFight.Click
Dim strWinner As String = ""
Dim intCpuScore As Integer
Dim intUserScore As Integer
Dim rand As New Random

'Select random index
intSelection = rand.Next(3)

'Clear the game board
picRock.Visible = False
picPaper.Visible = False
picScissors.Visible = False

'Display computers selection
Select Case intSelection
Case 0
picRock.Visible = True
Case 1
picPaper.Visible = True
Case 2
picScissors.Visible = True
End Select

'Choose a winner
If intSelection = 0 And UserChoice() = 1 Then
strWinner = "user"
ElseIf intSelection = 0 And UserChoice() = 2 Then
strWinner = "cpu"
ElseIf intSelection = 1 And UserChoice() = 0 Then
strWinner = "cpu"
ElseIf intSelection = 1 And UserChoice() = 2 Then
strWinner = "user"
ElseIf intSelection = 2 And UserChoice() = 0 Then
strWinner = "user"
ElseIf intSelection = 2 And UserChoice() = 1 Then
strWinner = "cpu"
strWinner = ""

End If

'Keep score
If strWinner = "cpu" Then
intCpuScore += 1
MessageBox.Show("You have been defeated by the computers " &

ElseIf strWinner = "user" Then
intUserScore += 1
MessageBox.Show("You have defeated the computers " &
intUserScore += 0
MessageBox.Show("Its a tie")
End If

'Display the score
lblCpuWins.Text = intCpuScore.ToString()
lblUserWins.Text = intUserScore.ToString()

End Sub

Private Function UserChoice() As Integer
Dim intUserChoice As Integer = 0

'Get users selection
If radRock.Checked = True Then
intUserChoice = 0
ElseIf radPaper.Checked = True Then
intUserChoice = 1
ElseIf radScissors.Checked = True Then
intUserChoice = 2
MessageBox.Show("Make a selection.")
End If
Return intUserChoice
End Function

End Class
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