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Android/iPhone Game Dev Startup Looking for Programmer (volunteer).

echoicechoic Member Posts: 1
My friend and I (both 27 year old guys) are looking to create a small title for the Android and/or iPhone.

Our concept is cute and fresh enough to be featured and with solid gameplay we could turn this into something great. I will be doing all of the game art (plus a few voiceovers for the cutscenes) and my friend will be doing the music and sound effects. We just need the final piece to complete our team; the coder!

We don't need the most amazing programmer ever, as the mechanics are fairly simple (think Doodle Jump or Winter Bells), but someone with enough experience to make fluid gameplay would be nice. Someone who still has more to learn and wants to add a credit to their resume (when we finish this thing)! We can start with Android or iOS.. it's up to you. We just want to accomplish something.

We can't pay, but if the application eventually makes it to the Android or iTunes Market, we will split the profit equally.

Reply here with contact info if you're interested. Thank you! :)


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