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Hello & Who Am I & What I'm Here For...

CJCDEVCJCDEV Member Posts: 1
Hello all,

My name is Christopher (CJC), I am a twenty-something graduate of Computer Science and Business, and I'm a prospective IT professional with a proficiency in Software Engineering, Database Administration and Computer Networking... which means that I don't really know what I want to do! Maybe you all could help me decide, I'm sure there are plenty of veterans here which could provide a helping hand? (no sexual innuendo intended, LOL)

I'm here to learn, network with other IT professionals, and help people.

With such a wide variety of forums, I feel inclined to choose a few and hang around hoping to make an impact, so initially I'll stick to what I know:
- Object oriented design and development
- Java
- JavaScript
- MS Access
- MS SQL Server
and then maybe I'll branch out e.g. I'm very keen to delve into development on Linux.

Feel free to ask me any question, no matter how stupid, I'm a totally chilled out kinda guy :)

I'll come back to this thread in a couple of weeks and post more information e.g. how to get in contact with me outside of this website.

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