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LOOKUP - finding data in another tab(hit a brick wall)

donyc2donyc2 Member Posts: 1
Hi all, I am working to finish a project and it seems or at least I thought rather easy thing I am having so much difficulty finding a solution! Please if anyone has any suggestions would be very much appreciated

I have a workbook with 2 tabs:
tab1 (3 columns: account, id, profits)
tab2 (3 columns: account, id, profits)
Profits are linked by 2 idenfifiers: account and id

[u]I perform 2 steps:[/u]
Step 1: I look up profits in tab2 and bring them over to tab1 based on combination of account and id identifiers..I use formula
[b]Range("C3:C" & LastRow).Formula = "=LOOKUP(9^99,IF({1,0},0,LOOKUP(2,1/(A3=tab2!A$3:A$10001)/(B=tab2!B$3:E$10001),tab2!C$3:C$10001)))"[/b]

[color=Red]Step 2: I am completely stuck here[/color][b][/b]
How can I bring any remaining profits into tab1 from tab2, that are [b]NOT [/b]in tab1.. for example:

tab1 - 50 rows(profits per combination of account and ID)
tab2 - 300 rows(i match profits from sheet 2 to sheet 1 by account and ID and now I need to bring remainign 250 profits which have different combination of account and ID)

I have been looking for solution on this for some time.. Please any advice is very appreciated

thanks so much!

formula that I use in data1 to pull profits from data2

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