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insert row AFTER specific txt

through below mentioned script we can insert row BEFORE specific txt
but i want same script to insert row AFTER specific txt
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Option Explicit

Sub InsertRows()
Dim MyVal As String
Dim MyCol As Range
Dim vFIND As Range
Dim vfirst As Range

MyVal = Application.InputBox("String to insert rows BELOW", Type:=2)
If MyVal = "False" Then Exit Sub

Set MyCol = Application.InputBox("Highlight a column to search", Type:=8)
On Error Resume Next
Set vFIND = MyCol.Find(MyVal, MyCol.Cells(1), xlValues, xlWhole, xlByRows, xlNext, False)

If Not vFIND Is Nothing Then
Set vfirst = vFIND
vFIND.EntireRow.Insert xlShiftUp
Set vFIND = MyCol.FindNext(vFIND.Offset(1))
Loop Until vFIND.Address = vfirst.Address
MsgBox "Search string not found in the specified column." & vbLf & "No rows added."
End If

Set MyCol = Nothing
Set vfirst = Nothing
Set vFIND = Nothing
End Sub

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