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Multiplying a value by item selected in a combobox?

Would it be possible for someone to help explain how to multiply a value i.e. the price of a product by an item selected in a combobox e.g. quantity required and display the results in a list box. I have in total 15 checkboxes which each have been assigned a price using a price array but I am unsure as to what to do next. Any guidance would be much appreciated.


  • pseudocoderpseudocoder Member Posts: 701 ✭✭✭
    I have a bad habit of misreading questions at times, but if I've read it correctly, you have a fixed cost, a combo box with quanity, and want to add the result to a listbox?

    VB 6 is all I have, so I dunno about other versions. In the combo's click event, you might try something like

    List1.addItem Format(CStr(cost_of_item * CSng(Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex))), "####.#0")

    Try that and see if it does what you need.
  • reybornreyborn Member Posts: 2
    Please post your existing code so that we can give you idea on how to solve it.

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