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Looking for someone to test the securoty of my site

stevengreen22stevengreen22 Member Posts: 4
HI all,

I realise this si a risky chance I'll be taking but I don't think I haveanother option. ONe of our assignments at uni is to create a site, I've gone overboard and created a community / forum / twatter rip off etc.

I need ot present it to them on the 6th and as soon as I do every other dude in the class is going to try and break the coding, hack the database (simply because) now my coding is at a basic level and I could do with someone having a look at the code and / or trying to get in. Any takers?

The other issue I have...I've used eregi_replace on a lot of the text fields, seems thats now been replaced by preg_replace. whnever I change the syntax I get errors, can anyone explain why?

Huge thanks.

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