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"Method 'GetAt' of Object 'BlahBlahBlah' Failed"

bcogan6502bcogan6502 Member Posts: 1
I am trying to build 2 transaction tables based on an array that I loaded from two other arrays, so that both tables will contain the same information. While loading the first table everything seems find until the third iteration (i=2) when I am getting the "Method 'GetAt' of Object 'IORSalesOrderLineRetList' Failed". And I don't understand what is happening. There are 19 detail lines and I can only get through the first 2.The detail line is not blank, so I am really stumped here.

It is actually using Intuit SDK 8.0 to modify Sales Orders in QuickBooks Enterprise 11.0, using VBA in Access 2010. But I think the "Object Failed" has to do with Access and not the SDK.

The code is contained in the attached text file.

Please help. I am still fighting with this same program that I have been fighting with since March 19th and it was supposed to be delivered March 25th. I am closer, but still not finished.

A. Brian Cogan
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