I'm About to Explode with Frustration

I am brand new to programming and I am totally lost in class. Can anybody help me with the following, I have make a unit converter, at the top it needs to have a text box where a value can be entered, below that it will have two group boxes, one called Convert From listing inches, feet, yards, and miles as radio buttons. The next group box will have the same but it will be called Convert To. Beneath the group boxes there are two labels, one that is simply a label "Results" and the other should display the results of the conversion "n6". Then beneath that there are two buttons one "Reset" button and one "Exit" button. I do not know how to code this so that the radio buttons connect to the text box and then perform the conversion to the results label. I also I have no clue as to how I code the reset button. PLEASE HELP before I need to be admitted to a psych ward. Thank you very much.

I have included an attachment to assist.


  • use a textchanged event procedure, and the val() of the textbox,
    also use a select case or nested if/then's to determine which conversion to use when either radio button is selected.

    I've done a bunch of things with Reset Buttons, real easy, all you need to do is set everything that can be changed to the original state, like this pseudo code for the reset button

    sub procedure btnReset_Click(blah blah) handles btnReset.click,
    textbox1 = nothing
    textbox2 = nothing
    converted result label = nothing
    end sub
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