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Qbasic Math Symbols

mcampbemcampbe Member Posts: 1
Ok, so I have some of the qbasic symbols for mathematics up to now, and I was wondering if anyone knew the complete or partial list. So, far I have:

Exponent ^
Less than <
Greater than >
Less than or equal =<
Greater than or equal =>
Not Equal <>
Equals =

Anyone know any more of them?


  • GWS01GWS01 Member Posts: 10
    Hi mcampbe,

    Phew! that's going back a bit .. :-)

    You've got pretty well all of them, but here's a few bits from the QB45 help system ..

    Maths Operators (additional)

    / Division
    Integer Division

    Data Type Suffixes

    ! Single Precision
    # Double Precision
    $ String
    % Integer
    & Long Integer

    Logical Operators

    NOT Logical Complement
    AND Conjunction
    OR Inclusive 'or'
    XOR Exclusive 'or'
    EQU Equivalence
    IMP Implication

    QB45 is a DOS console system - there are much better Basic's available now to do Windows interfaces or small console programs.

    I haven't used QB45 for 15 years or more ..

    best wishes,


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