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Visual Studio C# Windows Forms design don't show my work

abprogramabprogram Member Posts: 1
I need yours opinions to fix this problem.
I make a project( a design and code in C#), syntax and design are alright, but when i start debug my program, then program just stop and doing nothing. I have similar program that is working fine, because was made on another computer.
Program that are working just counting time 1,2,3,..30
My program just stay and do nothing.
I have similar problems, when i try to make other program.
My Visual Studio program show this error
C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727Csc.exe /noconfig /nowarn:1701,1702 /errorreport:prompt /warn:4 /define:DEBUG;TRACE
Program that was made on another computer, don't show errors.
File missing or another problem?
I think you can help me
Thank you!
Sorry for English


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