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253 byte PC minesweeper game (complete source code)

m34tb34tm34tb34t Posts: 25Member
@: push cx
mov cl,mapSize ; square maps only
mov al,20h ; empty space marked with space (bar)
rep stosw
mov al,0
mov cl,40-mapSize ; rest of screen is null
rep stosw
pop cx
loop @: in ax,40h
mov bx,mapSize*40 ; size of map buffer in bytes (including nulls)
xor dx,dx ; clear DX for DIV
div bx
mov bx,dx ; spot == rand()%total_spots
shl bx,1 ; force even (word align) address
mov dx,[di+bx] ; load map spot
cmp dl,20h
jne @B ; only write in empty space (20h)
mov byte [di+bx],'*'
;place numbers on map around mines giving hints
sub bx,82
call packMineCount ; NW, N, NE
add bx,154
call packMineCount ; SW, S, SE
sub bx,82
call mineCounter ; E
sub bx,4
call mineCounter ; W
loop @: push cx
mov cl,mapSize
rep stosw
pop cx
add di,80-(mapSize*2) ; next line down
loop @B
mov ax,3 ; read mouse info
int 33h
shr cx,2 ; horz. 0-80 -> 320/4 = 40 chars (80 bytes)
shr dx,3 ; vert. 0-24 -> 200/8 = 25 chars high
and bx,bx ; test buttons
jz inputLoop
;calc mouse click address
mov ax,80
mul dx ; mul doubles as xor dx,dx later on
add ax,cx ; 80*y + x
mov si,ax ; si = video and map data offset
;click action
call stackFill
lods word [es:si] ; (lodsw [es:si]) bytecode: db 26h, 0ADh
cmp al,'*'
jne @: xor si,si
mov cx,mapSize*40
lods word [es:si] ; lodsw [es:si] (bytecode: db 26h,0ADh)
cmp al,0FEh ; still covered?
jne @: call mineCounter
inc bx
inc bx
loop @B
pop cx

;incriment 1 of the 8 spaces around mine (assuming no other mine in it)
mov dx,[di+bx]
and dl,dl ; game board clipping
jz @F
cmp dl,'*' ; dont change value of mines
je mineCountDone
cmp dl,20h
jne @: sub dx,0FEFFh
mov [di+bx],dx ; and store

;4-way flood fill (not full 8 way)
mov ax,[es:si] ; load scr char
cmp al,0FEh ; don't fill if already revealed/flagged
jne @F
mov ax,[si+mapData] ; load map char
mov [es:si],ax ; copy to screen
cmp al,20h ; stop fill if close to a mine
jne @: ret

heapPtr: ; start of game map memory heap


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