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Get System Proxy Server Settings (From Internet Explorer?)

gubegube Posts: 2Member
I have a working procedure written in C#, running on .NET 3.5, to connect via an proxy server and everything with the connection works fine. But as I need to ship the solution to a couple of guys who don't know their proxy server settings I need to get them from their system. I know that it's popular to get the settings from the default web browser, in particular from Internet Explorer. But using
[code]System.Net.IWebProxy IWP = System.Net.WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy[/code]doesn't work for me.

I know some point out that the issue lies within wherever the program is running on a 'local' account or as a service in on a 'user' account. But that doesn't bring any light on the problem from my point of view.

Can this task really be that difficult, considering all the functionality seems well built in the C#/.NET-platform?

I'm running .NET v3.5. Am trying to get the proxy settings from an Internet Explorer v9.0.8112 on a Windows 7 (x64) OS. Any help wanted!

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