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GUI Qt for C++

AlecCAlecC Member Posts: 3
Hi, I'm a beginner at C++ and I was wondering if I could get some help with making a gui using QT. Well not really help on making a gui more like help on seeing if I installed QT properly onto my computer. I downloaded the Qt sdk and ran it like normal and let it do all the work. What I'm wondering is do I have to add a path and how can I tell I did everything properly? Should the Qt sdk just do everything on its own or do I have to do additional stuff? Also could somebody show me a guide to using Qt?

Also can you program on Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 with the added library? I'm assuming yes because it is a library and all you have to do is include the stuff, but I could be wrong be cause Qt also gave you a IDE or compiler (just checking to be sure).

I also try to compile some simple example programs, but it comes up with something like "cannot find #include " or something like that. Which leads me to thinking I need to add a path or something, but I'm not exactly sure where to look...

Any help is really appreciated and thank you.


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