VB.Net, MS Word Integration & SQL

Advice & Help needed,
we have developed an application in VB.Net 2010 and uses SQL2008R2 as the backend. It is situated in several countries and uses replication over https which all works really well and includes images in the database tables.

A new requirement has arrised where the app needs to create word documents which shell out to MS Word for the user to edit. These then need to be saved back in to the database. The replication side of things was just for info and can be disregarded, it just to show that storing the files on a central folder share would not work.

The only way I could think at present (which is Very Crude) is to create the worddoc in the tempfolder under a temporaryname, the user edit the document and then save it, then in the system click on a button to upload the changes.

Any help, tips, advice would be greatly apreciated.

If not, thanks for reading anyway.....
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