celloSaaS V 3.0 released

celloSaaS V 3.0 released : Tenant level customization of Business rules and Workflows..

Customizing business rules and workflows for each tenant / user group, is one of the most sought after features in a multi-tenant application. celloSaaS v 3.0 released this month, has a built in business rules engine and workflow engine. It also allows the product developer to expose select variables and actions to the UI layer so that the rules and workflow could be customized by a non-IT person.

For example a HR manager of a tenant would like to customize the business rule regarding benefits administration. Or a purchase manager would like to customize the workflow regarding vendor approval or PO request.

The celloSaaS framework allows each product to define its own domain model and map it to the internal classes and variables used in the BR/WF engine, so that the end user who is doing the customization can deal with
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