A revolutionary website

Alright guys, my name is Bryan Nelson, I'm 14, I'm entering high school soon, and my family struggles like many others out there. But a month or two ago, I have come up with a revolutionary idea for a website, something that would help people learn more about any subject possible, from math, to science, to politics, to programming. But I'm not about to release everything to just anyone.

My idea involves me needing money to pay people like you, to help me create the website. I'm sorry, I cannot pay anyone to help me, but I will hold you as a co-founder if you can offer me help. I need people with experience in html code, and experience with other programs that help write websites.

If you would like to help, please contact me through email at bznelson14@gmail.com. We can discuss further through email, as I have other ways of communicating which is easier than email. We will talk about how I have things planned, and what I need done.

Thank you for reading, you guys are great, and I'm glad I found this site, because I'm not giving up on mine.
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