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My "Hello Everyone" post.

Hey, folks. o/ I'm a new join, here.

Recently my employment situation is at the point where an impending merger means the loss of everyone at the office I work at. So I've got a year and a half of unemployment coming, I expect, and I've decided to use that time to launch myself into the great unknown and work hard at learning what I need to, to get my dream job.

I want to be a game programmer. I've got a minuscule amount of programming experience from twenty years ago (qbasic), but I feel I pick things up pretty quickly, and I intend on doing whatever I must during those eighteen months to learn the majority of what I will need as a programmer.

I've decided on learning C++ first thing. I've heard about the other systems in use today, but if I'm looking at this correctly, C++ is the foundation the gaming world is built on. I want the best foundation possible. So I'm stashing money away to get a legitimate copy of Visual Studio while I tinker away with the free trial.

Anyways! I just wanted to pop into the off topic board, here, and say hello to everyone. I expect that over the coming months and years, I'll be flooding you all with a numerous amount of annoying questions as I pick at the collective forum brain.


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