ASP.NET (VB) Save Structure to file

I'm having an issue with saving Data structures to a web server easily.
With a Windows Application I would normally just:

Structure SiteUser

Dim Name as String
Dim Address as String
Dim Phone as String
Dim Email as String
Dim City as String
End Structure

Sub Whateverelse()
Dim SiteUsers(100000) as SiteUser

End Sub

Sub SaveFile()

Dim i as integer
i = FreeFile()

FileOpen(i, F, OpenMode.Binary, OpenAccess.Write)
FilePut i, SiteUsers
End Sub

But that doesn't work for web applications. I've tried "Dim FileName as String = Server.MapPath("FileName.ext")" but that doesn't work either. There has got to be a better way than breaking everything down to a text file and using the stream writer/reader because it's just too slow that way.

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