Which programming language and DBMS should I use?


Thanks in advance for the expert advice.

I am planning to create and sell an application for high school debaters. Two questions:

1) Which programming language should I use? The application needs to be...

PORTABLE. It needs to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I want users on each of these operating systems to think the application was made for their platform.

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. I'd like the program to have nice visual effects. (Think Mac Aqua.) For instance, it should visually show text moving off a web browser onto a text box in the main application window. It should have plenty of drag-and-drop functionality.

STABLE. The fewer bugs, the better. I'd like to be able to debug easily, and I'd like the language itself to be inherently bug-resistant.


2) Which database system should I use?

A key portion of the program will be the database. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different database systems? (Right now I'm thinking MySQL is nice, just because it seems to be the least expensive option.)

Thanks again!
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