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error copying from batch to text file

vicki20julyvicki20july Member Posts: 3
i am trying to copy the line below to a new text file using batch file. The line is given below

objIEA.Navigate "http://"&WScript.Arguments(0)&"/video?session=3&alphabet=83&channel="&WScript.Arguments(1)&"&profile="& WScript.Arguments(2)

This is the line. what i did is something like this and i am getting error while executing batch file.

ECHO objIEA.Navigate "http://"&WScript.Arguments(0)&"/video?session=3&alphabet=83&channel="&WScript.Arguments(1)&"&profile="& WScript.Arguments(2) > test.txt

THe above command is giving me error. I want to copy the exact line shown above to a new file and in reality the new file will have .vbs extension. i mean the new file in reality should be test.vbs but it is not working for even test.txt

please help
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