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Plz help ! Art/Science Java Text !!

javajoshjavajosh Member Posts: 2
Hi-- I'm on the 2nd chapter of Art and Science of Java by Eric Roberts and no teachers or TA's to help me out :(. I have downloaded the source code files for the examples in the book from Code/

When I create a new Java Project, then import the archive, Eclipse gives a list of 48 errors:

"ConsoleProgram cannot be resolved to a type
DialogProgram cannot be resolved to a type
GLabel cannot be resolved to a type......"
etc. etc...

What is going on ?

I was able to follow along with the Eclipse help here

downloading the sample project and getting it to show up without errors etc so I think Eclipse is set up OK.... I'm on a Mac...

Anybody able to offer some help here ? It would be much much appreciated !!! Thanks so much !!!
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