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USB Barcode Scanner

Simple ManSimple Man Member Posts: 3
Just curious if anyone has done this.

I've got a Motorola Symbol LS3408ER barcode scanner. I have it connected via the USB cable that it came with. Basically at this point it is treated as a HID there really isn't any control over it.

I've got a form application that on a specific form the scanner is used. My question is, can I somehow filter out scanner input until a specific form is loaded?

I've got a couple of other forms that the user interacts with (touch screen) by pressing buttons. If the scanner is setup to have a suffix so that a cr is sent, it could press a button on the form that I don't want.

Is it possible to 'disable' it until it is needed? I've looked at the SDK but I really don't see anything that could help me out.

Using a serial connection would be the easiest, but in my case I can't use it because of the current setup.

Any thoughts?




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