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Drawing Surface given as amount of points with color

terminatterminat Posts: 2Member

First of all, I never had written any DirectX program. I have the following problem:
I have am amount of points in 3d with their color, which can differ from point to point. The points describe a surface of a unknown object.
I know the neighbourhood, because I get a matrix of points, so I know to each point the 4 neigbour points. We can say, I have a surface given with quadrangles where I know the color at each edge.
I wnat now to draw this in two ways: first of all on the display, second in a file, png most liklely.
Can someone help me out an give me an example how to do it? I am a really greenhorn.
I use C++, perhaps C# or Delphi would be also helpful.

Thanks a lot.

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