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static_cast int to CString

tvrtvr Member Posts: 1
I am converting some old VC-6 MFC code to VC-10 (64 bit) that was done by a previous employee and have a problem. There is a template defined that uses a static_cast to convert an int to a CString. The VC-6 compiler had no problem with it but the VC-10 compliler complains.

T Get( CGraphWnd& oGraph, GR_PARAM eparam, T* )
int nValue;
if( !ograph.GetIntParameter( eparam, &nValue ) )
AfxThrowOleException( E_FAIL );
return static_cast( nValue );
CString Get( GraphWnd& ograph, GR_PARAM eparam, CString* );

The error is: "Error C2440: static_cast cannot convert from int to CString."

I am suspecting there is a compiler option that needs to be done (or undone) but cannot find anything. Any ideas?


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